FAQs - Battery

How long does the VIE take to charge?

VIE will charge fully in less than 2 hours, if you are using a 1 amp charger or higher.

How can I charge the battery?

Use the USB cable from the “USB cable” box or any other micro USB cable, plug it into the USB port on the bottom of the VIE and plug the other end into a USB charger. Hint: for a faster charge, use a 1 amp charger or higher. You can find the battery indicator light next to the VIE’s USB port which blinks while charging; green light indicates that the VIE is fully charged.

Can I still use the VIE while it is being charged, is it safe?

Yes, you can still use the VIE while it is being charged! The VIE vaporizer is one of the only vaporizers on the market that has a safe pass through system, the VIE will stop charging when the vaporizer is in use without the need to unplug the device.

What does the battery level light mean, at the bottom of the VIE, next to the USB port?

The battery level light indicates: Green, the battery level is 100%-50%, Orange 50%-20%, and Red 20%-5%. A flashing red light means the battery level is under 5%.

Once the VIE’s battery is fully charged, how long is the battery supposed to last?

The VIE’s battery lasts for over 200 puffs or 18 full on-off session cycles.