FAQs - Experience

For the best vaping experience, what is the best way to inhale from the VIE?

We recommended to inhale from the VIE’s mouthpiece consistently without being forceful. The strength of the inhale pull will determine the vapor production rate.

Is there a particular angle to hold the VIE for the best vape experience?

No, your VIE can be used in any angle and direction; it will not affect the quality of the puff.

Can I still use the VIE while it is being charged, is it safe?

Yes, you can still use the VIE while it is being charged! The VIE vaporizer is one of the only vaporizers on the market that has a safe pass through system, the VIE will stop charging when the vaporizer is in use without the need to unplug the device.

How can I get the biggest cloud?

To get the biggest vape cloud, pack your VIE fully and tightly and use it on the highest temperature setting. A higher temperature setting will create a bigger cloud and a lower temperature will maintain the purest flavour.

What happens if I forget to turn off my VIE?

If the VIE has not been in use for three minutes, VIE’s safety feature will turn on standby mode, after which, it will turn off automatically.

How many puffs would I get per loaded capsule?

One fully loaded capsule ranges between 20-40 puffs, which depends on the experience you want, more vapor versus full flavour.