FAQs - Capsules

How many capsules come with my VIE?

VIE vaporizer includes 4 unique capsules (3 x herb capsules and 1 x concentrate capsule). We also have multi-pack reusable capsules and additional herb and concentrate capsule sets available separately to purchase.

How do I load concentrates, like liquids or wax, into a capsule?

There is a unique concentrate capsule that can be found inside the carry-on tube, which you can find in the “Capsules” box. Find the concentrate capsule with smooth walls, there are no perforated holes on this capsule, and open it. You will find two pick tools included with the VIE: one is located in the mouthpiece, and the other pick tool can be found in the “Cleaning Kit” box. Use the preferred amount of concentrate with the pick tool and place the concentrate inside the capsule. Put the cap back on the capsule, and insert it into VIE’s chamber, cap first. VIE’s patent pending concentrate capsule design eliminates any possible spillage, leakage, and combustion of your concentrates.

Can you explain how the concentrate capsule works?

VIE vaporizer uses a boiling method to create vapor from concentrates, we are the only vaporizer on the market that does this. The coil system that you find in other vaporizers combusts the substance and deteriorates the flavour and potency experienced. VIE’s patent pending capsule design for the concentrate capsule eliminates any possible spillage, leakage and combustion of your concentrates. VIE is the only vaporizer that accurately controls the concentrate’s vapor temperature.

Should I fill the capsule fully in order to vaporize at full quality?

No, you don’t need to fully fill the capsule in order to get a good experience; however, if you want to have the ultimate vape experience, we recommend filling the capsule fully and packing it tightly. You don’t have to finish the entire capsule in one session, as you can actually leave the herbs that weren’t vaped inside the capsule and it won’t affect the taste during the next session.

How do I take out the capsule safely while it’s still hot?

Please be careful when you remove a hot capsule from the device. Unscrew the VIE’s bottom cap and drop the capsule onto a heat resistant surface. Let the capsule cool before handling.

How do I load my capsules easily with herbs and/or concentrates?

For herbs, place the herbs on a sheet of paper, then hold the herb capsule horizontally and push the herb into the capsule using your finger or pick tool.

For concentrates, hold the open concentrate capsule vertically (make sure capsule is not hot), use the pick tool to place a small amount of concentrate into the capsule’s bowl. Fill the bowl with the substance to the top. If you are using liquid concentrates, drip the liquid into the capsule’s bowl. Do not fill the liquid concentrate to the top but drip up to 10 drops.