FAQs - Technical Concerns

Can I still use the VIE while it is being charged, is it safe?

Yes, you can still use the VIE while it is being charged! The VIE vaporizer is one of the only vaporizers on the market that has a safe pass through system, the VIE will stop charging when the vaporizer is in use without the need to unplug the device.

Is the VIE durable?

The VIE was built to withstand impacts during normal usage. We have tested the VIE by throwing it from a height of 25 ft and we were still able to use the VIE without noticing any difference in its performance. We do not recommend you try this yourself.

My VIE gets hot, is that normal?

As the VIE is a heating device, it is normal for it to get warm, but it will not burn you. Please note, the higher the temperature is in the chamber, the warmer the VIE will be.

When I turn on my VIE without any herbs inside, there is vapor coming out, what does this mean?

There may be some leftover vapor coming out from your empty vaporizer when it heats up because of residue from previous usage. To prevent this, clean your VIE thoroughly. To get rid of the vapor, you can leave the vaporizer on for a few minutes, to evaporate any previous residues.

My VIE won’t turn on, what do I do?

To turn on the VIE, press the V power button three consecutive times and wait for the light to turn green. If the VIE doesn’t turn on, make sure your vaporizer is fully charged by plugging it in and ensuring the battery light is green. If it still doesn’t turn on, factory reset the device by finding the restart button by opening the mouthpiece and use the SIM pick tool to press it.

What happens if I forget to turn off my VIE?

Luckily, VIE has a safety feature that turns on standby mode if the device is not in use for three minutes, after which, it will turn off automatically.

Does VIE’s low price affect the vaporizer’s quality?

Absolutely not. VIE’s lower price is accomplished by purchasing materials and producing the device ourselves, as well as by applying our firmest values to our pricing.

I’m having trouble opening the chamber, what can I do?

Use a piece of cloth from the cleaning kit to open the vaporizer’s chamber. If that doesn’t work, please contact our Customer Service team at 1-888-781-8882.

The VIE device smokes after I finish puffing. What is wrong with it?

It is normal for some vapor residue from the previous usage remaining inside the chamber walls, so when you heat the chamber, the remains vaporize again. We recommend cleaning your device thoroughly, if you want to eliminate the vapor. As a temporary solution, you can select the highest temperature setting and let the VIE heat up and run for 3 minutes to evaporate any possible residue.