FAQs - Maintenance

How can I clean my VIE?

A cleaning kit is provided in the VIE’s box that includes: a cleaning cloth, two different sized cleaning brushes, two different sized pick tools and spare parts (4 x stainless steel screens, 1 x chamber lid, 1 x SIM pick). Use the pick tool to lightly clean the inside of capsules and the chamber. For a deeper clean, use the cleaning brushes to clean the inside of the chamber with alcohol. For more details about cleaning, please refer to the VIE User Manual.

How often should I clean my VIE?

VIE has been designed with wide air paths to reduce clogging, though usage of the VIE will create clogging and concentrate residue. In order to maintain the best vape experience, you should regularly clean your VIE once a week or when it starts showing resistance.

Where can I find the cleaning/loading pick tool?

There are three pick tools included with your VIE: a small, portable one is located in the VIE’s mouthpiece and two different sized ones can be found in the “Cleaning Kit” box.