FAQs - Temperature

Am I able to control the vaping temperature?

Yes, you can control the vaping temperature with four temperature settings, located on the bottom of the VIE. VIE is the only vaporizer that has a sensor inside the chamber which controls the temperature of the herb itself. Additionally, it is the only vaporizer that has integrated heat temperature algorithms to control the heat transfer inside the chamber.

How can I switch between temperatures?

Once you turn the device on, press the “TEMP” button on the bottom of the VIE, to switch between temperatures. With each press, it will raise the temperature level. Your selected temperature will light up.

How accurate is VIE’s temperature control?

VIE has multiple sensors inside that read several data points using smart algorithms that control the temperature in the most efficient and accurate way while keeping the desired temperature; this will ensure you’ll have the ultimate vaping experience.

How do I know which temperature setting is best for me?

The best temperature setting for you depends on what you expect from your session. The higher the temperature is, the more vapor you will have, but the less flavour you will get from your herbs. The lowest temperature setting allows full flavour but small vapor. Though please note. on the contrary to other vaporizers in the industry, our lowest temperature setting still creates vapor while maintaining the highest flavour. Find your own sweet spot by testing out the different temperature settings yourself.