FAQs - How To's

How do I load herbs into the VIE?

VIE has two methods to load your herbs:

  1. Loading a capsule manually. See the FAQ – Capsules section to learn more.
  2. Loading the herbs directly into VIE’s chamber.
    - To directly load the chamber with herb, start by unscrewing the lid on the bottom of the VIE and placing a screen (you will find screens in the “Cleaning Kit” box) on the inside of the chamber (make sure to push the screen down firmly with the pick tool). The advantage of direct loading into the chamber is that it is a faster heat reaction, which means less wait for the vapor to form.
    - To load herbs into a capsule, start by opening the cap of the capsule. Use your fingers or the pick tool to fill the capsule. Use the pick tool to pack the capsule tighter with the herbs. The advantages of the herb capsules are portability and low-maintenance. For the best vape experience, both in the capsule and directly in the chamber methods, you will need to fill and pack them tightly. Note: there is no difference how you insert the capsule into the chamber, however, we recommend to insert it cap first.

How do I open the mouthpiece?

Place your thumb on the raised area of the mouthpiece’s wide side (not the narrow side where the power button is located) and push the mouthpiece sideways and upwards.

How do I charge the VIE’s battery?

Use the USB cable from the “USB cable” box or any other micro USB cable, plug it into the USB port on the bottom of the VIE and plug the other end into a USB charger. Hint: for a faster charge, use a 1 amp charger or higher. You can find the battery indicator light next to the VIE’s USB port which blinks while charging; green light indicates that the VIE is fully charged.