FAQs - General

Can I use VIE with herbs and concentrates (liquid or wax)?

Yes, our simple and convenient capsule system allows for a variety of consumption and each capsule has a unique design to fulfill the vaporizing experience of each substance. You will find the herb and concentrate capsules inside the “Capsules” box.

How can I make sure that my bag won’t smell like the substance I filled inside my VIE?

With the innovative capsule system emitting less odour than other vaporizers on the market, VIE also has silicone odour protectors by the mouthpiece and on the bottom of the device, by the lid of the chamber. VIE also offers a special odour control cap cover made out of high temperature medical grade silicone that keeps in odour and improves discretion.

Why is VIE more affordable than other high-quality vaporizers?

1) VIE’s engineering, design, production and material selection allows us to purchase and produce as a first-tier supplier in our production facilities.

2) VIE advocates fairness and we will not have an unreasonable profit margin; we are still a business, but we lowered the margin to ensure a fair cost.

What type of vaporizer is VIE, combustion or non-combustion?

VIE is a non-combustion vaporizer. The heating temperature is controlled with thermistors and sensors that make sure the temperature doesn’t get to a high level to avoid combustion. VIE is a pure vapor system vaporizer.

Is the VIE vaporizer a convection or conduction vaporizer?

VIE utilizes a convection element but is a conduction vaporizer. VIE heats the contents with a conduction system through heat transfer thermodynamics. The convection component prevents the chamber temperature from dropping extremely.

How do I turn the VIE on or off?

Press the power button (the circular V button) three times in a row and select your preferred temperature on the VIE’s bottom by pressing the button near the levels of temperature.

To turn VIE off, press the power button three consecutive times, until the light on the V button turns off.

Why is there a pick tool inside the VIE’s mouthpiece?

The pick tool, located inside the mouthpiece, is used as a cooling mechanism. As well as, the pick tool can be used as a packing tool, as it is easily removable. You can remove the pick tool from the mouthpiece if a higher temperature of the inhaled vapor is desired.

What do the different lights on the power button mean?

  • A RED light means you are in capsule mode
  • A BLUE light means direct load mode
  • A BLINKING light means the VIE is heating up
  • A constant GREEN light means it is ready to use
  • A steady RED or BLUE light means the device is in standby mode, which will turn the device off automatically in three minutes

What happens if I forget to turn off my VIE?

Luckily, VIE has a safety feature that turns on standby mode if the device is not in use for three minutes, after which, it will turn off automatically.

Does VIE’s low price affect the vaporizer’s quality?

Absolutely not. VIE’s lower price is accomplished by purchasing materials and producing the device ourselves, as well as by applying our firmest values to our pricing.

Does VIE come with a warranty?

Yes, VIE has a 3-year limited warranty and a 1-year limited warranty on the battery.

Where can I find the serial number for my VIE?

The VIE vaporizer's serial number can be found on page 42 in the user manual.

How do I register my VIE?

Log into your account and go to your profile. You will find the product registration at the top of the profile page, where you can enter your VIE’s serial number.